EYE S33 Gift Box with Exclusive Brand Sunglasses

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Style is something embedded in each of us, sometimes we need a little help finding it! These exclusive brand Eye S33 glasses are the epitome of class, elegance, and dazzling style, a surefire way to upgrade any boring one into a classy one instantly.

Inspired by the mysterious nature of the chameleon, these sunglasses feature a curved tail in the shape of S33, as well as meticulous laser engraving on the frame!

The eye of the chameleon itself is embellished with stunning Swarovski crystals that shimmer in the light, only adding to it’s exemplary, unique design that you won’t find anywhere else. But it doesn’t stop there, the glasses come complete with a branded designer case that ensures your glasses stay protected when you’re out and about. Plus it also comes with a USB that is hiding surprise and glows in the dark, adding to the already amazing wow factor these glasses possess. 

For added effect, the glasses come with a handwritten note from a highly-skilled, top eye surgeon, one of the great minds behind these glasses that designed them inspired by laser eye surgery.  

These are hands down the best sunglasses for your eyes, offering you long-lasting protection from harmful UV rays, without sacrificing style! From a top exclusive brand, you can rest assured you’re only getting the best of the best when you shop for Eye S33. 

A designer sunglasses look that never fails to garner compliments from whoever you’re with, these glasses are amazing opticals that are bound to stop the party in its tracks, inspiring awe in whoever lays their eyes upon you. 

To round it all off, these sunglasses come in a truly elegant, sophisticated box to make the shopping experience just that little bit more special, Eye S33 is designed for luxury and that’s what you get when you shop with us!

Just simply living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a fresh new pair of sunglasses! 

Order today and see what all the hype is about!

With every Giftbox sold we plant a tree around the world.